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1998 University of Colorado at Denver Masters of Architecture

1986 Ball State University Bachelor of Architecture


As founding partner of Shipley Design, Carl Shipley leads the firm’s projects in Colorado, and California, Carl’s expertise in Single family, Multi- family Residential and is varied and diverse.


Having successfully executed and delivered projects of varying scales and typologies including a number of high- profile custom residential homes in the Rocky Mountains, Carl has created a diverse project portfolio for the company. Some of these significant projects include Larimar Square in Denver, Colordo, Denver Federal Center, and the Evergreen Country day School.


Carl brings over 30 years of experience in design and execution of large scale architectural projects, having gained his early work with Semple Brown Roberts in Denver, Colorado, where he was involved in the design of the critically acclaimed Larimer Square Redevelopment.

SHIPLEYDESIGN was created and founded in 1989 by Carl Shipley. Carl has passion for all aspects of design, which permeates the entire practice. With over 30 years of experience, his combined expertise spans a dedication and passion for thought provoking design discourse in, architecture and urban design. 


Located in the historic gold mining town of Evergreen Colorado, an area know for its scenic beauty, towering mountains and relaxed lifestyle. 


SHIPLEYDESIGN seeks opportunities to work with creative and passionate clients who are seeking design environments which are modern, uplifting and culturally appropriate to the context.


Intuitive. Knowledge of construction standards, trends, and expectations.

With over 30 years of architectural experience across US, we offer a broad perspective on viable planning and design. Our approach respects the values and heritage of each site, but also aims to introduce new horizons in line with local standards.


Value. Time-tested systems of Quality, Efficiency and Professional Delivery.

Over the past decade, we have excelled with the latest in communication and project delivery technologies, minimizing the inherent inefficiencies of international coordination.  We have organized our practice around responsiveness and flexibility, allowing us to scale resources swiftly and appropriately with various projects, thus maximizing value for our clients.


Experience. Over 30 years of experience, utilizing creative talent from the world’s top design firms. The founder of SHIPLEYDESIGN has invaluable experience collectively The team has the values, the discipline, and the know-how required to execute award winning projects. 

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