Sustainable Design

SHIPLEY DESIGN functions on the core values and principles of design, using different methods and ideas to create one cohesive, functional space. Through the principles of design, we create structures that are functional, comfortable, and elegant. We create designs with sustainability in mind, and always make sure that we are as resourceful and as caring as possible throughout the entire design process. SHIPLEY DESIGN has successfully designed a LEED silver structure, a pinnacle of achievement in the world of sustainable design. With our knowledge of design, and our careful and precise site evaluation process, all of our designs are created to be as natural with the surrounding nature as they can be, from material, to the structure itself, all while guaranteeing our clients exactly what they want and need from their design. 


At Shipley Design we begin every project by listening to the wants and needs of our clients. We consider this step to be of utmost importance, as all of our designs are intended and created to exceed all expectations of our client. After creating a plan of action comes the design portion of the project, where we iterate the design plenty of times to narrow it down and get the best possible results out of the project.